How to get my transaction ID in Bitpanda?
You can use a Blockchain Explorer to check for yourself if a transaction actually took place. If you can see it there and it has already been confirmed by the network it was successful. If the transaction was confirmed at least once, it was successful and is irreversible.

In a Blockchain Explorer, you can search for the transaction ID (hash), which is an identifier for a particular transaction. This should be found in the wallet where you sent it from. To check a transaction, you can also search for a particular wallet address in a blockchain explorer, in this case, your Bitpanda deposit address. Then all transactions to and from this address will be displayed. Follow the steps for more detailed instruction:

1. Go to

2. Search your BTC address in the search bar then look for the address you sent the BTC
3. Copy the transaction ID (highlighted below in red box)

4. Paste your transaction ID into the created Request ID and Click Verify Transaction ID.
Last Updated: 13 Jan 2019